The World Wide Weinberger

I grabbed the domain to keep it out of the hands of companies that would sit on it. I'm open to suggestions (especially from other Weinbergers) about how to use this site.

Comments are welcome.'s registrar is Hover.They are offering to rent out email addresses such as [email protected] for US$35/year as of this writing. You can have that email address forward to whatever one you normally use. For more money, you can put a page at You might want to check it out. I happen to know the owner of Hover, and trust him.

David Weinberger
[email protected]

Howard Weinberger

Married: Shirley Berliner

Family grew up in: Roslyn Heights, Long Island, New York



Ben Weinberger:

A.G. Weinberger (Ben's cousin):

Jake Weinberger Weir [email protected]: "Our heritage connects directly Jacob Weinberger out of san diego, who immigrated from Austria/Hungary to the US and I am also a distant relative to Casper Weinberger."


Attila Weinberger is Romania's leading blues guitarist. You can hear some of his music here. (Yes, that's his real name.)